Brewster the Pigeon is one of the original #smashcirclejerk users and has been around almost since the beginning. Cody enjoys Project M, and is a moderator of /r/smashbros. He is six foot two and loves to tell people about it. He's also a narcissist and a total piece of fuckin good things :).

Early Life Edit

Brewster the Pigeon was born in Kirkland, Washington and lived there until he was around five years old (the timeline is messy - he was like five so give him a break). From there he moved to North Carolina, and then two years later to Houston, Texas where he currently resides.

Death Edit

Brewster the Pigeon fucking died when he was forced to upload a music video that ended his entire career for a computer science project. It's pretty good though watch it.

Contributions to the IRC/Discord Edit

Brewster was always pretty funny I think. He was the Valiant Leader during the Rebellion Against Koolaid (RAK) that occurred on November 11th, 2015. He is generally a levelheaded person who enjoys TF2 and Project M.

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